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Ofsted and Performance

Ofsted Inspections

The Burton Academy was inspected by Ofsted in February, 2020. You can read the full report by accessing the link below.

Key messages communicated within the report include the following:


  • "Pupils enjoy coming to school and are proud to say they belong. They respect staff and show care for their environment. One pupil, whose view reflected those of many, told inspectors, ‘the adults here get you.’ This reflects the warm, caring relationships between staff and pupils."

  • "Pupils feel safe. They know that adults will listen if they have any concerns. Pupils said that bullying does not happen."

  • "Staff have high expectations of conduct. Pupils engage with learning and behave well."

  • "Parents and carers are positive about the school. They can see the difference the school has made to their children. One parent told inspectors, ‘The pupils are lucky to have [the staff] in their lives.’"

  • "Staff are proud to work at the school. They support the headteacher’s vision. Staff appreciate the consideration leaders give to their well-being. They describe themselves as a close-knit, supportive team."


Parent and carer feedback


Parents and carers are encouraged to give feedback about the Academy to Ofsted directly, using the Ofsted Parent View questionnaire.

DfE Performance Tables


Information about Catch22 school performance can be found on the Department of Education school and college performance website.


As an Alternative Provision Academy we are not included in Progress 8 or Attainment 8 Measures. We are also not included in school league tables.